Tuesday, 27 October 2009

MAShow 2007: Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK

I attempt to tackle and cause people to question association between image, text and language through their juxtaposition. The material of text and image combine to form a language. I integrate theory-practice by combining 'text' that come from or make reference to aspects of my academic life with thoughts and letters that were- because of the language and manner of using mirror writing- largely illegible. This manner of coded exposure - the explicit becoming a site of reticence- co-exists with graphic images that, whilst striking, also infer rather than reveal. In continuation of these concerns I sometimes enacted subtle changes within or on various objects that I found around me to create text sculpture.

In my studio practice, I use my memory to explore the non-places of memory shaping. The absorption of the templates and their eventual re-projection onto the canvas reveal both the loss and the augmentation of details as organic process of memory. I pour out the images of which I have been infiltrated by, keen to represent the impossibility of an entire discharge as conversely as the intrinsic saturation of a personal indice.

Many thanks to Photographer, DY Kim and Graphic Designer June.

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