Friday, 16 October 2009

'Never let them see you sweat'

A graoup show at 3/4Mafia former known as Chelsea Modern.
-The Maysles Brother(USA), Soonnam Lim(South Korea), Michael Strasser(Austria)-

August 16-24 2007

Working along haphazard images detached from gutter press, the Korean artist
Soonnam Lim meticulouly evaluates the relation between the black solid shadow of her source material, its repetition and the whiteness of the canvas. In her practice, she projects with an overhead projector the found footage onto the canvas, thus translating the color and perspective of the original image into two-dimentional blackness, providing objective images which are yet saturated with a personal indice.

This show is curated by Sonja Lau.

Photo by DY Kim

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